About Kleven Construction

We acknowledge that Kleven Construction is, first and foremost, an underground contractor.  At the humble heart of everything we do there is a ditch, a hole or some excavation of the earth.  But just because we dig ditches and drill holes for our primary living does not mean that we can’t be professional about it, versatile in our approach and proud of the comprehensive nature of our service offerings.  Our versatility allows us to perform with consistency and efficiency.  We rarely subcontract, but rather perform our own directional drilling, concrete and asphalt replacement and landscape restoration.  We place our own fiber-optic cable, splice and test fiber, and install all termination panels.  We install all types of wet utilities, including underground storage tanks.  We build our own catch basins and other underground concrete structures.  We want to avoid subcontractor mark-up and subcontractor scheduling issues.

In the end, for us, it is about our customers.

We want to provide our customers with consistent and cost-effective service.  We want our customers to feel that we will always deliver an honest, safe, timely, professional and complete job.  We want them to know that we can perform without cutting corners or taking undue risk.

We want to earn our customer’s loyalty every day.



License States

Arizona: 176801
California: 861155
Colorado: Operating In
Idaho: RCE-29647
Montana: 162541
Nevada: 0070704
New Mexico: 370237
North Dakota: 41971
Oregon: Operating In
Utah: 7691961-5551
Washington: CCKLEVEC*892QQ

Our Partners

24/7 Maintenance & Support

Kleven Construction's 24/7 Maintenance and Support is a quality we pride ourselves in and have become a leader by consistently providing our customers with reliable service, quality work and competitive pricing when you need it.

Our highly trained staff is ready to respond to your needs and perform a variety of services in a timely manner.

Office: 480-736-8400
Fax: 480-736-8410